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6 Types of Financial Statements: A Snapshot of Your Business Health

Financial statements serve as a business's fiscal report card, offering invaluable insights to managers, investors, and creditors. Here's a quick rundown of six key financial statements and what they tell you about your business.

1. Balance Sheet

What It Reveals: A balance sheet showcases a company's assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point. It's crucial for assessing a business's overall financial health, including its liquidity and solvency.

2. Income Statement

What It Reveals: Also known as the Profit and Loss Statement, it displays revenues, expenses, and profits or losses over a period (quarterly or yearly). It's a primary resource for evaluating profitability.

3. Cash Flow Statement

What It Reveals: This statement tracks cash inflows and outflows from operations, investments, and financing. It's essential for gauging a company's liquidity and its ability to meet short-term obligations.

4. Statement of Changes in Equity

What It Reveals: This outlines shifts in shareholders' equity over a period, impacted by factors like share issuances or buybacks and retained earnings. It's useful for understanding how ownership is evolving.

5. Notes to Financial Statements

What It Reveals: These notes offer additional context to the other financial statements, detailing accounting methods, commitments, and contingencies that impact financial performance.

6. Statement of Comprehensive Income

What It Reveals: This statement combines the Income Statement with other financial gains or losses to provide a more complete financial picture, including unrealized gains or losses.


Understanding these various financial statements is essential for a complete view of your business's financial health. Each offers invaluable insights for decision-making and future planning. Consistently reviewing these documents is crucial for your business's financial stability.

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