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  • Writer's pictureBrian R. Schobel, CPA

What do you do best?

Become the best at one thing before expanding into other areas of expertise. We all have special talents. Hopefully you are passionate about what you do best too.

I like to focus on bookkeeping services. My special talent is creating financial statements that owners can use to help them operate their businesses. This is what I do best.

By focusing on one product offering and doing it better than the competition. You will be able to start the foundation to build on for the future. Customers will begin to trust your brand. Soon when you develop a larger more loyal customer base, is when you will be able to successfully expand your product offerings.

Remember Amazon first focused on books. They did it better, faster, and cheaper than the competition. They were a disrupter to the brick-and-mortar bookstores. Today they compete with and have more products than Walmart. Just last week they shot a rocket into space. A rocket into space. Pretty impressive bookstore.

Focus on what you do best and create your success!


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