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Virginia State Sales & Use Tax

There might be a good chance your business should be collecting sales and use taxes.

All sales, leases, and rentals of tangible personal property and certain services are subject to Virginia sales & use tax, unless an exception or exemption applies.

For most locations in Virginia, you will pay 5.3%. Some jurisdictions in Virginia however have additional tax levied. Some counties & cities have the sales tax in our state as high as 7%. Feel free to click on the link below for differing jurisdictional rates and more information.

Virginia has allowed for counties and cities to charge a meal tax on prepared food and beverage in addition to the 5.3% sales & use tax paid to the Commonwealth. The City of Fredericksburg has a 6% meals tax, Spotsylvania county a 4.5% tax, while Orange county has a 4% rate imposed.

Registration to begin charging sales tax is simple online through the Virginia Tax government website. Upon successful registration the State will provide your business with a certificate and an identification number for filing. Virginia prefers businesses to pay & file electronically though, a waiver exists if you are unable.

If you are uncertain on whether you should be collecting sales tax, give us a call, we are here to help!


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