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Restorative Rest

An extremely important component to operating a small business is getting enough restorative rest. Without rest, most processes become exponentially more challenging. Sometimes we strive to get everything done at once and we forget our need for good solid rest.

Each person’s rest may look a bit different. I enjoy being in and around water. I feel restored following most activities involving water. Rowing in my kayak helps to provide me a restorative rest.

Some may find it binging Netflix, reading a book, or being present in the moment. Turning off technologies vying for our attention helps. Not responding to texts, social media posts, and emails for a day will also support our recovery.

We require different kinds of rest as well. Mental, emotional, and physical to name a few. Rest is necessary for each. The way you rest for each will differ too.

Does rest make you more productive?

“When we rest, our brain is busy consolidating memories and quietly searching for solutions to problems we encounter. Spending more time resting and less time actively engaged in work not only boosts creativity and the ability to problem-solve, but it also makes the time spent on work more efficient.” Max Frenzel.

Not my typical blog post I know, but I needed a rest.

Give yourself permission to take a break. Resting doesn’t mean your are lazy. Taking a rest is good for you. So, keep it positive.


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