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Outsourcing for growth!

Outsourcing is the act of gathering human resources to work for your company on a contract basis. Often people think of a customer experience where they called Apple support. Sometimes a support person handling the call will have a thick accent or mediocre English skills. You may have reached a call center in India, China, or the Philippines, just to name a few common host countries. This type of outsourcing is most common for larger corporations. Often shipping much of the cost and many lower paying administrative jobs overseas. Many small businesses however are outsourced using local professional resources.

A great outsource example is our firm BRS CPA. We provide outsourced accounting services and become your organization's finance team. We have our own finely tuned processes. We are experts in our field and aided with the latest cloud-based technologies. We help advise clients, cut administrative costs, and identify metrics that drive revenue & increase profitability. Legal, accounting, tax preparation, auditing, marketing, benefit administration, business management, are all great examples of small business outsourcing on a local level.

Why Outsource?

You get more professionals. You can choose from many experts in a range of fields to help with your business needs. Usually, these professionals provide exceptional services at reasonable rates.

Tasks are completed at a faster rate. Tasks can be spread out amongst larger teams of people instead of being done by only the owner or a single employee.

Reduced operational costs. Scalability as people can be added to your professional services team quicker and less costly than internally. If your business is seasonal or a downturn has occurred, then shedding a team member during a slowdown will not affect your unemployment rate. No employee taxes, benefits, office costs, hiring, onboarding, and firing.

Some disadvantages do exist but can be overcome. The first that comes to mind is communication. If you outsource with a company that has limited systems integration you may find errors in communication. Fortunately, many software solutions exist to expedite exceptional communication. Our firm uses sophisticated systems for keeping our client businesses top of mind.

You will also lose the control of performing these processes internally. You will have to put faith in others to get all work completed on time and accurate. A business needs a reliable team to help support growth initiatives. Strong systems for workflows and tasks are needed. Hiring an expert will give you more time to work on your business. Trust outsourcing for accelerated growth!


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