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Networking to Grow Your Business

Starting a new business requires you as the owner to establish some level of salesmanship. A great way to learn sales skills is to join a business group.

One of the first things a group like this encourages is for you to create a thirty second elevator pitch. Take seriously this task as a thirty second commercial done right will have a profound impact on the number of referrals given. It is important to send a clear, concise, consistent message. It is also important to present your pitch with confidence as anything less will dissuade referral consideration from people in your circle.

“A great referral for me is a business or nonprofit looking for bookkeeping to controller level accounting services. We provide a ten percent referral fee on the annual contract amount after the client has reached its anniversary date. Currently we have a program for new clients. We provide an hour consulting services and QuickBooks Online subscription for $115 per month. Consulting will include training clients how to use QuickBooks Online.”

Another essential task is to meet with the people in your group. Anyone of those people you meet in these business settings, whether member or visitor could refer you to your next client. When meeting you want to be fair in giving each other equal time to present in more detail what you each have to offer the community. Even more specifically what makes a great referral like the example given above.

You will want to meet as many people as possible to get your name out in the community. The more people you present your services to, the more people you will have enlisted who are able to unearth an opportunity you are unable to see. There is power in numbers, and this is where your networking pays off. You will have more feet on the ground able to share your brand.

So, get out there and network for increased sales!


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