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How to build trust in a relationship

Often when I meet with a prospect the issue of trust comes into the conversation. It is a difficult topic to discuss. When someone asks me this question, “How do I know I can trust you?” I think what has happened in the life of a person to make them wary of trusting someone.

Obviously, we shouldn’t trust everyone. Some people are better at their profession than others. We may get more for our money with another service provider. We do not get along with every personality that crosses our path. A difficult question to answer with words alone.

Trust is built over time by caring about our clients coupled with commitment, communication, and consistency. It doesn’t happen overnight. People often show you their true intentions through actions. When words don’t match, we know to steer clear. This is how we know not to trust someone.

But how do we know we can trust someone?

Until someone proves otherwise, I choose to have faith that people are generally good and will do what they think is right. I do look for certain signs or tells to identify potential for distrust. Here are some ingredients in building a trusting relationship. Admit mistakes that you make, match actions to words, help people, tell truths, communicate feelings openly, avoid self-promotion and don't speak bad about others.

As a CPA I am registered with the State of Virginia and Pennsylvania as a practicing accountant. Specific guidelines govern my profession to help protect the public. I am here to serve with integrity and help my clients with their financial transactions. I have confidence in myself to ultimately do the right thing.

So, my answer to the question above is this. I believe in myself and believe you should too!


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