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Dream boards

What is a dream board or vision board?

It is a board, physical, digital, large, or small, depicted through words and or pictures, that represents your goals and dreams.

By putting your dreams front and center on display daily, it will help you to make them come true. You will naturally find activities to realize the life you envision. This visualization practice will keep you motivated and support you in reaching your goals.

You can use the board for specific goals or lifelong plans. You’ll want to include affirmations, inspirational words, quotations, and thoughts about the future.

I use Facebook to post witty quotes daily. Now after a few years of posting, these motivational phrases pop up in my memories feed. It gives me a boost each morning to quickly view past words of inspiration as I stick to my morning ritual. My hope is that my friends will also benefit from my social media practice. Not entirely a dream board but a part of the whole.

If you work with computers like I do, then placing goals into your information systems works as part two to your digital dream board. You can display these goals on your desktop to produce similar results as a physical board. I have tasks or goals that display in my calendar daily until I achieve those goals. It pushes me to get things done.

Give it a shot! Make a dream board. It will add to your success!


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