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Create a system

Systems can be simple such as writing and posting to your blog each week. Or they can be complex like those found in your automobile. New technologies allow companies to streamline and automate system processes.

QuickBooks online is an accounting system we use to service our clients. It helps keep your financial transactions in order and provides you with reporting capabilities necessary for running your business or nonprofit.

Tying in a document management cloud solution allows for automating source document retrieval for real-time audit ready financial statements. A huge benefit is the elimination of paper and its storage. Another benefit is accessibility from anywhere in the world with a mobile device. Collaborative efforts achieved across continents if the nature of your business demands it.

We are committed to helping small businesses succeed!

For the low price of $135 per month, BRS CPA will help create a real time audit ready solution for new clients. Helping to keep your business compliance with mandatory record keeping regulations. This introductory offer will allow you access to a CPA for one hour per month and includes a QuickBooks Online Essentials subscription.

If you know a business owner struggling to understand their financial position, send them our way! An hour of financial coaching per month is working wonders to help our clients gain financial literacy. We can help you too!


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