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Continue Networking to Grow Your Business

The purpose of network marketing is to explain to as many people the product you sell. You hope as you explain to the person sitting across the table, that they are as sales savvy as you. The reason is that if they are getting in front of as many people as possible, the number of referrals that will follow from this source is much more promising than an individual not focused on this goal.

As you meet people you want to follow a strategy. I will go to at least three events per month. Perhaps a chamber sponsored event, or something hosted by a member in my weekly networking group. While attending these events you will want to exchange business cards. Thirty business cards each month is my goal to funnel these introductory meetings.

Reach out to the people you meet. Invite them to coffee to sit down and chat about how you can refer business to one another. My goal is to sit down with six businesses a week to explore referral opportunities. I have a formula that when I meet with this many new businesses each week, I will produce one new client each month.

I load each business card into the CRM and use it to help me nurture my business relationships. Then I send people I meet an invite via email using a template I have created in HubSpot. HubSpot is a CRM or customer relationship management software. It is a powerful sales tool I use to help me track my business development progress. The version I use is free; however, if you require additional features, they have various subscription levels to choose.

Another method I use to encourage sales growth is by offering a ten percent referral fee as an incentive to those providing leads that sign as bookkeeping clients. Currently we are running a promotion available to sole business owners. We provide an hour consulting services and QuickBooks Online (QBO) monthly subscription for $115 or $1,380 annually. The hour consulting used to help coach QBO clients. The example given above would result in a $138 finders payout at the anniversary date of the new client.

Again, go network for increased sales!


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