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Business Insurance

One of the many tasks we complete when taking on a new bookkeeping client is making sure they have proper insurance coverage.

Not having coverage is a quick way to lose your business. Insurance helps to protect your assets as well as your customers, employees, and other stakeholders involved in your business. The financial consequences of a potential mishap could easily wipe out the assets of most small businesses.

You can protect yourself and others from financial damages occurring from accidents caused by your products or services. Some customers may require you to furnish an insurance certificate. They may require certain limits before you are permitted to provide services. Say for example you are a Web Designer bidding on a contract with Intuit. Intuit may require you to furnish an insurance certificate with specified insurance limits included in your bid.

Business or professional liability insurance is easy to add. A quick web search should net you a couple dozen results. It is relatively inexpensive for most industries however higher risk groups such as, a propane company for example, are going to pay higher rates.

For pennies on the dollar, you can have the peace of mind you won’t lose your shirt in a lawsuit. You will also sleep better knowing that if you do inadvertently harm someone, they will be financially compensated for their loss.

So do the right thing. Make sure you are covered.


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