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What English word has three consecutive double letters?

Bookkeeping or Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and an integral part of the accounting process. It involves preparing source documents for all transactions be it, operating, investing, or financing activities. Usually, the person recording these transactions is referred to as the Bookkeeper.

The earliest books date back to 2600 BCE found in Babylonian records written on small slabs of clay. I imagine retaining records in those times required larger muscles than we have today. The things we had to carry around with us way back when is no more. What used to take up several bookshelves is now saved in the cloud. Complete libraries of books, music, pictures, movies, and more may take up a server rack somewhere in the desert.

Today we use cloud accounting applications like QuickBooks online. These solutions save business owners time and money by syncing financial data from their checking and credit card accounts. No more keying manual entries. Paper is unnecessary, wasteful, and cumbersome to store. Adding a document management cloud solution to the mix creates a complete digital accounting solution for your small business or nonprofit. The paper is eliminated.

For the low price of $135 per month, BRS CPA will help create this solution for new clients. A real time audit ready solution keeping your business compliant with record keeping regulations. This introductory offer will allow you access to a CPA for one hour per month.

An hour of financial coaching per month is working to help our clients gain financial literacy. Clients may choose to discuss elements on financial statements during our meetings. We analyze the numbers together for greater comprehension. Drill down to discover underlying costs or greater insight into what is driving revenue. Numbers providing metrics to determine if you are meeting financial goals. We help make sense of your numbers!

Or we can train clients and their employees how to use QuickBooks online to best suit their needs. Most choose to let us do the bookkeeping for them and discuss financial statement outcomes, variances, and other rare transactions occurring during our monthly meetings.

We file taxes for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in addition to bookkeeping services. Having your financial data stored in an accounting system will aid in facilitating your tax filing preparation. Most of the information needed by your tax preparer will be contained within this system. Bottom line is that it will reduce costs necessary to complete your taxes.

Automation is key for eliminating the need for hiring lower-level accounting professionals to get the job done. If you are looking to grow your business, you must replace your manual accounting processes with digital accounting.

We also offer Controller level accounting services. We will pay your bills and can implement a hierarchy for approving accounts payable vouchers. We will invoice your customers, collect past due money, and apply payments to their accounts. We offer human resource management including payroll, benefit, 401k, and onboarding administration. We can even help you control your inventory, taking physical counts, finding discrepancies, and reconciling inventory tracking systems.

If you know a business owner struggling to understand their financial position, send them our way! We work through finely tuned processes, are experts in our field, and aided with the latest cloud-based technologies. We help advise business clients, cut administrative costs, and identify metrics that drive revenue & increase profitability.



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